If you want to place an order, please do it via this page.


Simply list the plants (including the quantity) that you would like, and tell us which market / event you wish to collect your order from, or if you'd prefer to collect it from us in Gosport.  We are not able to send plants by post or courier.


If you don't have specific varieties that you're after, we're happy to select them for you, based on what is looking best at the time your order is prepared.  For example we get a lot of requests for '12 tomatoes, mix of types', or '3 courgettes, something different please', or '6 chillies, nothing hotter than a cayenne'

We will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours, but this may sometimes take a little longer.  Messages sent Friday - Sunday are unlikely to be seen until the following Monday due to preparing for and attending the weekend farmers markets.  Please be patient with us, all emails will be answered.


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Our email address is enquiries@yvonnes-plants.co.uk

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