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Blue Ridge Mountain, one of our favourites
Blue Ridge Mountain, one of our favourites

Yvonne's plants is a small company based in Gosport, Hampshire, and is run by an avid gardener and allotmenteer, who has been busily growing her own food (and non-edible plants) for around 20 years, having come from a family of gardeners herself. We sell our plants directly to the public at a variety of events and locations in Hampshire, especially around the Fareham and Winchesterr area, but our 'patch' seems to grow each year., and since 2017 we have been part of the the Chilli Festival scene, taking us all around southern England.


We have built up a reputation locally for being a specialist grower of tomatoes, chillies and peppers, with hundreds of varieties grown, many of them heirloom, rare or unusual varieties.  Our tomato and chilli lists for this year are available to download from this site.


Things started off very small-scale in 2010, almost by accident really, as a way of shifting a few plants that were surplus to requirement in our garden, but as with all things in the garden, it grew... 2013 was a turning point for us when the Bishops Waltham Garden Fair took a chance on us, and the gamble paid off and we had a truly astounding response from the gardening public.  It was on the strength of this one day that we then found ourselves being invited (at only 2 weeks notice) to the 3-day extravaganza that is the Stansted Park Garden Show!  2013 proved to be a baptism by fire, and we survived the leap into the unknown and things just get better each year.  2017 saw us taking another big step forward with a move to a commercial greenhouse, and learning to operate in a totally new growing environment, with all the new challenges that provides, and thus producing much bigger and stronger plants. 2019 saw us work together with Chef Bernie who produces a variety of hot sauces, locally in Hampshire. We kept him well supplied with plenty of chillies for his sauces. Visit his website here.


All the varieties that we sell have been grown at home and in the garden after being tried and tested at our allotment for our very own kitchens, so we really do know how they perform in the local area and climate.  Also being a small, personal company, we can offer friendly and helpful advice on how to get the best from your plants for many years to come.  At all our shows we have information sheets for all the plants we offer, so hopefully these should answer any questions you have.  There is now a much more detailed 'Tomato Growing Guide' for you to peruse at the shows, and thanks to my friendly computer geek, this is now also available do download from the website.  If there are any errors on this website or any of the available downloads, then they are wholly mine as my forte is growing plants, not creating websites....  




Where Are We?

Bishops Waltham Garden Fair, even the mayor and mayoress couldn't resist our runner beans!
Bishops Waltham Garden Fair, even the mayor and mayoress couldn't resist our runner beans!

While we have now partially moved to a proper greenhouse facility near Bishops Waltham, it is very much an 'industrial' site and not a 'garden centre' type of place, and therefore not open to visitors.  We attend a wide range of events and sell directly to customers at these events, and if there are particular plants you wish to purchase, then please get in touch via the 'contact us' page and we can arrange to bring your plants along to your chosen event.

Our sales season is from March to October, and for details of where we will be this year, please see the events section of the website, or visit our Facebook page 'yvonnes plants' for any last minute updates.  Outside of the main season we do often have plants ready for sale, especially fruit plants, so please do get in touch via email or Facebook.


If you are organising an event and would like to have us join you, please do get in touch with us as early as possible.  We are a growing business (no pun intended) and are always looking for new and exciting venues to come to.  Indeed, it was because of a message posted on our Facebook page (just 2 weeks before the opening day) by the organiser of the Stansted Park Garden Show where we made our debut at in 2013!

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