Interesting times ahead…

The current situation we find ourselves in is making life here at ‘Yvonne’s Plants’ a bit of a challenge. So far all our events have been cancelled until at least June, with the rest of the season still very much subject to change.

As I’m sure you are aware, there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into our plants, and we have thousands currently in our greenhouse ready to be sold. Our usual outlets are farmers markets and garden shows, but sadly this year is more of a challenge.

So this year we are getting creative so that you can still get hold of our plants:


  • email your order via the 'contact us' page on our website and we will deliver your plants.  Sadly we do have to charge for delivery, however if you collate orders with friends, family and neighbours this will work out cheaper.  Local delivery in Gosport or Fareham will start at £2, and we are able to cover most parts of south east Hampshire.
  • email order to collect from us at our house in Gosport, usually in the evenings.


Email us at

Yvonne’s Plants is a small company with a big passion for growing quality plants.  We are a little bit different to most plant growers as we concentrate on growing edible plants as opposed to ornamental plants.  We grow an extensive range of vegetable plants, herbs, fruit bushes, alongside a limited range of wild flower plants. 


We are based in Hampshire, and most weekends from March to October we can be found at Farmers Markets, Garden Shows, Chilli Festivals and Food Festivals throughout Hampshire and the surrounding counties.  As the season progresses we are able to offer our own fresh produce at the events, giving you a chance to try unusual varieties, and thus inspiring you to grow them yourselves the following year.

Please see our 'events' page for a full listing of the events we will be attending this year, as we do not have a premises that it open for visitors.


While our spring events tend to be the same year to year, there will be more events added for the summer so please check our website or Facebook page for regular updates. 


The range of vegetable, fruit and herbs we grow is extensive, and we have a particular penchant for the more unusual varieties, but our biggest passion is for tomatoes, peppers and chillies, of which we have a combined total of around 500 varieties.  Please see the 'plants' pages for more information on all the things we grow, including our ever increasing number or growing guides for the plants we sell.


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