Yvonne’s Plants is a small company with a big passion for growing quality plants.  We are a little bit different to most plant growers as we concentrate mainly growing edible plants as opposed to ornamental plants.  We grow an extensive range of veg plants, herbs, fruit bushes, alongside a smaller range of bedding plants and tropical plants, in particular bananas.


We are based in Hampshire, and most weekends from March to August we can be found at Farmers Markets, Garden Shows, Chilli Festivals and Food Festivals throughout Hampshire and the surrounding counties.  As the season progresses we are able to offer our own fresh produce at the events, giving you a chance to try unusual varieties, and thus inspiring you to grow them yourselves the following year.

Please see our 'events' page for a full listing of the events we will be attending this year, as we do not have a premises that it open for visitors to browse the range.


Each year we generally attend the same markets and events, but for last-minute changes it is best to check our Facebook page as this is the quickest way for us to notify customers of additions or changes to our schedule. 


The range of plants we grow is extensive, and we have a particular penchant for the more unusual varieties, but our biggest passion is for tomatoes, peppers and chillies, of which we have a combined total of around 500 varieties.  Please see the 'plants' pages for more information on all the things we grow, including our ever increasing number of growing guides for the plants we sell.


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